Monday, 23 April 2012

EDL Leader Lies About Impersonated Anders Breivik On National TV

On a BBC programme named The Big Question, EDL leader, Tommy Robinson claimed he did not impersonate Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer who slaughtered over 70 people.

On the show, the presenter asked about the impersonation, but Robinson claimed he was wearing a “hood” and “goggles” at the time and therefore looked like a frog. He claimed what he actually said was “Ribbit”.

Whilst Tommy was drunk, a Muslim man in the video told Tommy not all Muslims are bad, but Tommy said:
Quote: ...Other than Breivik coz he’ll shoot ‘em all… I’m from Norway and I’ll shoot you.

Even the BBC programme showing him do the impersonation provided the correct subtitles. Making such an insensitive joke was out of hand, but worst of all, the EDL leader lied on national television. How can people trust him?

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