Tuesday, 2 October 2012

EDL And Affiliates Make Up BAD Lie

Following the rather bad English Defence League (EDL) protest in Walsall recently, the EDL haven’t been taking it too well. The EDL and their affiliates have started making up lies, like the invisible 400-man ‘Muslim mob’ we documented (here).

Now, the EDL leader Tommy Robinson and the ShariaUnveiled, the Body of Truth, the Christian Defence League (CDL) blogs, claim that some ‘Muslim infiltrators’ were causing violence at the Walsall protest (click the names for proof of articles).

Posts read,
Quote: “Three witnesses have come forward and admitted that they were approached on 27 September 2012 by individuals claiming to be members of the Muslim Defence League and Sharia4UK. These three witnesses, which consisted of two males and one female stated that... "We were approached and offered money to dress as English Defence League (EDL) Members and arrive early in Walsall, blend in with their ranks... and create violence at their upcoming Demo." "They recommended attacking police, throwing bottles, bricks...”
But this is just a hilarious yet bad lie. The witnesses are not named and no sources are given proving this actually happened. Secondly, if ‘Muslims’ really did ‘infiltrate’ the EDL, wouldn't supporters notice and do something? Lastly, EDL supporters captured themselves ON FILM throwing objects at police. There are no ‘Muslims’ even present!

This is clearly an attempt to switch the blame onto other people. What’s worse is that it took around 3 days for the EDL to make up this lie. And the EDL leader has even admitted he isn’t ‘bothered’ if the story is true.

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  1. The EDL is finished.

  2. Hahahahahahaha pathetic from the EDL. EDLreview you got four nasty groups in one!

  3. This is absolutely hilarious.

  4. Misinformation is a norm in the far-right. The majority can barely think for themselves.