Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Islamophobes And EDL LIE About Pregnant Flag-Flyer

The Islamophobia network, which is always eager to publish anything that might be used to demonise Muslims, cannot wait do some fact-checking. And many of them have been exposed already for lying and deceiving to their supporters. And here is another example.

Hate group co-founder Pamela Geller and her blog Atlasshrugs, Islamophobic hate site BareNakedIslam (that loves the EDL) and the English Defence League (EDL) as well as its Forum, circulated a video that supposedly showed a pregnant woman being arrested for carrying the British flag in Oldham due to “Muslim complaints”.

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EDL Divisions and allies who shared this claim included the British Patriots Society, the World Defence League, the Britain United Defence League, the EDL Jewish Division, Yorkshire EDL Halifax Division and the EDL Armed Forces Division.

Police confirm this story to be untrue

The head of Oldham police division quashed rumours (as reported here) that a pregnant woman was arrested for carrying a Union Flag through Oldham.

A Chief Superintendent said no one was held when the EDL gathered. The video posted on the net actually showed a woman being led by police towards a Tactical Aid Unit van after an altercation between two men.

The woman was holding a Union Flag and another flag Greater Manchester Police considered had a “highly-inappropriate” message.

Conclusion – No pregnant woman was arrested for carrying a flag

In conclusion, we can see how the extreme far-right is trying to push forward false information to demonise the Muslim community. And this is not the only case recently.

After the Woolwich murder that left an ex-soldier dead, the EDL tried stirring up tension between communities by claiming Muslims were ‘celebrating’ the attack in Oldham, which we found to be untrue.

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