Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Violent EDL Member Pictured With EDL Leaders

In 2011, photographers from campaign group Hope Not Hate captured the moment EDL member Steven Crispin fractured the jaw of a Muslim man during an EDL march in Dagenham.

The march, which was not policed, was in protest against a former Butcher’s shop being used by the Muslim community. Unaware there was a march, an Asian male and his brother were strolling towards a video shop when they were set upon by a gang of EDL supporters.

Crispin with others attacking an innocent man.

In July of last year, Crispin received just three months for the assault.

But he is now back with the EDL and he even turned up to join them in Woolwich on the weekend when the gang insulted the memory of British soldiers and in particular, the family of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Here is a picture of Crispin with EDL leaders Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson taken last month.

Note: Crispin has posted up racist statuses on Facebook.

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  1. So much for being a 'non-racist' group.